Repute Systems provides IT services, technical solutions, management consulting, education and certification for leading organizations and companies from the private to the public sector. We offer world-class IT services that address the challenges of the education industry.

The education industry must innovate to attract students with distributed centers of learning and a superior learning experience. In the area of operations, it needs to streamline administration and comply with regulatory guidelines. Pre-K, K-12 and higher education institutions must leverage IT solutions to expedite their educational programs, improve scalability and reduce costs.

Our education division works with leading educational institutions to develop customized solutions that help attain strategic, operational and financial goals. Our approach covers IT Security, Identity Management, ERP, e-learning and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, and enables business-IT alignment and operational efficiencies.

Media & Entertainment

We help entertainment; broadcast; and publishing, printing and portal companies adapt to the realities of the digital revolution and capitalize on new opportunities that empower them to achieve high performance. We help entertainment companies develop new ways to securely and efficiently create, distribute and monetize content in the evolving digital environment.